I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Dawn for 10 years, working with her on a number of initiatives with different companies. She is bright, articulate and very skilled as an HR manager and leader. As CEO of a mineral exploration company, I hired Dawn to deal with some chronic human resource issues that were severely affecting my business. Dawn jumped right in to a brand-new industry and worked with my leadership team to quickly address and remedy the situation, drafted the required policies and procedures, and conducted the necessary training.

Dawn has many positive attributes, but I believe her strongest skill is in connecting with people from all walks of life – from the people parking cars to the C-suite executives, she quickly forges a personal connection and gains people’s trust and loyalty. Her passion to cultivate healthy work environments and team members comes from her own personal journey which naturally motivates people to buy-in. Dawn’s high-energy, can-do attitude is infectious, and teams always benefit from her participation.

Ian McNeil

Former CEO of Searchlight Minerals, McNeil Consulting Group

I have known Dawn for over 15 years and have always found her to be a caring leader with high standards. She truly “gets” people, which is critical to driving performance and results. She has been an incredible leader and friend for me both personally and professionally over the years.

I met Dawn during a time in my career when I had taken on a role with more responsibility in unchartered territory. Through her guidance, leadership, candor, directness, compassion and unwavering support we exceeded each goal.

On a personal note one of the things that I appreciated most about Dawn was a time during my personal challenge with my health and weight. She sincerely cared so much about me as a person that she organized a workgroup team for a 5 a.m. fitness boot camp which was an amazing beginning to my long-term win in the battle of the bulge! She has not only done this with me I have seen her demonstrate this type of caring and commitment to countless others.

I share all of this to say Dawn can always be counted on to be your best coach by pushing your limits, being THE BEST accountability partner and your biggest cheerleader until you cross the finish-line!

I am truly thankful that our paths crossed.

Robbie Butler

Regional VP of HR, Penn National Gaming and Hollywood Casinos

When I first met my mentor, Dawn Ammons, she constantly challenged me to ‘measure what matters.’ Any time I would make a program recommendation or training intervention, she would ask “how are you going to measure that?” Although initially frustrating because I wasn’t accustomed to answering that question, I’m so thankful she pushed me to see the importance of identifying and executing based on OKRs (objectives and key results) for every project. This practice has elevated my work as a training and development professional and allowed me to contribute at a higher level within my organization. Thank you Dawn!

Brittany Smith

Training and Development Programs Manager, Whole Foods Market

I had the pleasure of working for Dawn during my time as the Corporate Recruitment Manager at Pinnacle Entertainment. Simply put, Dawn’s leadership is second to none. She is the type of leader who truly leads – motivating you to be better vs. pulling you in her own direction. Her positivity and enthusiasm are pleasantly unrelenting in way where you can’t help but be buoyed by her presence. We faced our fair share of daunting projects but Dawn has an uncanny ability to find the best path forward and then drive the execution.

Jon Barth

Implementation Manager at iCIMS, (Former Corporate Recruitment Manager at Pinnacle, Entertainment)

Dawn found me working in a different department and gave me an opportunity for growth and development with her team. As a leader, Dawn brings to the workplace a champion of building high performance teams that are engaging, responsible, efficient and empowering to foster environments of opportunity and transformation. She continues to inspire me to incorporate balance in all areas of life to achieve success as a leader.

Rahka Brescia

Director of Geyser Falls Water Theme Park, Pearl River Resort

Dawn Kempthorne Ammons walked into my life I saw her as just another boss in the world of boss’s. But all things changed in a blink of an eye! She only strives for the best in her team and she surrounds herself with the best which made me think I’m on Dawn’s team. I must be pretty darn good at what I do! Dawn helped build my confidence in leadership and budgets. I can tell you I know every line item on my budget and what an allocation is! This feeling can never be changed in my mind, heart and body! I was once a member of that team that was THE BEST and never settled for anything less! I am 1 million times better since this little lady for OZ enter my life!

Paula Davis

Retail Operations Manager, Pearl River Resort

Developing and Implementing Health and Wellness Programs

“Wellness should be a bigger priority to those responsible for employee engagement or company culture. Even those less altruistic companies, which happen to also be on a self-funded health plan and looking to save benefits costs, should look to wellness programs as a way to positively move the dial. As a senior leader at a National Healthcare company, I felt an investment in wellness would be good for employees, positively impact the bottom-line, and was almost a must since we were in fact, a healthcare company.

I had worked with Dawn many years earlier, in Las Vegas, and I knew she had a passion for culture, people, and fitness. I then learned, that she had recently done some amazing work at helping employees, in one of the unhealthiest areas of our country, make a positive change in their lives and at work, through wellness. Employees has lost weight, improved their BMI, reduced or eliminated prescription drugs, and generally workplace morale had improved.

While I am pleased with “what” we did, I am more pleased with the results. Some employees learned that they were at risk for chronic disease and were able to get connected with specialist and re-connected with their primary care physician (PCP). Some employees exercised regularly for the first time ever. One employee was so successful, she inspired her husband to buy his first pair of athletic shoes he has ever owned! Employees started to meet early to work out together. They started to gather at each other’s homes for “food-prepping.” We saw BMI improvements and collectively, we lost almost 1,000 pounds. The comradery and team engagement reached all new levels within those work-groups that were most active.

The bottom-line also improved.

Our prescription drugs costs reduced to below run-rate levels after an initial spike. (We learned that an early spike in prescription drug cost, is typical when implementing bio-metric screening for the first time.) Surprisingly, our Emergency Department utilization went down, and we saw PCP utilization increase, which meant that we were making strides in the long-term population health of our employees. And team engagement reached all new levels within those work groups that were most active.

Although, we did not set out to win any awards, we were also honored to receive a “Fit-Bit” National corporate award for wellness program innovation. We could not have done it without Dawn and hew team. I would recommend Going All In, to any company interested in launching a new corporate wellness program or those companies looking to take existing programs to the next level.”

Larry Guillory

CAO and CHRO, Emerus Hospitals

Dawn has an exceptional ability to motivate people. Our employees love her and, as a result, they have embraced the wellness program. They are learning about making good choices with respect what they eat and how they exercise. Dawn keeps it simple and provides all the necessary resources for employees to achieve results

Dianne Aycock

APL Vice President, Operations, American Public Life

I have had the honor of working side-by-side with Dawn Kempthorne on multiple initiatives. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and is one of the sincerest, genuine and hard-working people I have ever met.

Dawn is a natural born leader, and people around her are drawn to her ever-positive outlook and never-ending dedication to the task at hand. Dawn’s passion for health and wellness and helping other people is evident through the countless hours she put in to working on the Biggest Loser program at Pearl River Resort that she initiated. Through her efforts, hundreds of people’s lives were changed, and these same people found motivation and inspiration to completely changed the trends of their culture. 

I’m extremely grateful for my time spent working with Dawn and for the invaluable lessons learned from such an amazing leader.

Patrick House

Season 10 Winner NBC’s “Biggest Loser”

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