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Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

“From 2016 to 2017, health care costs increased for 79% of organizations” (SHRM; 2017 Employee Benefits Report)

According to the CDC, obesity currently affects nearly 4 out of 10 people in the US.


  • 75% of healthcare costs are caused by preventable illnesses. The CDC defines preventable problems as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity.
  • The average cost of a healthy employee: $3000
  • The average cost of an employee with one medical condition: $10,000

What does this mean to your company? You have to be part of the solution.

Corporate health and wellness is the right thing to do physically and fiscally. As a senior leader in a complex industry, benefits are always one of the top three costs in a service company after salary/wages and cost-of-goods sold.

Companies pay to keep their HVAC and IT systems under a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. Why would you not do the same for your employees?

As our partner in health and wellness, you will receive a customized solution for your organization. Our offerings include

Wellness assessment and scorecard. How “healthy” is your company?


Customized wellness solution designed specifically to your organization to improve employee well-being, employee engagement and ultimately the bottom line.

Fun, rewardable campaigns and activities to improve healthy-living, learning and teamwork!

Best in class partnerships for Biometrics, Technology, Training, Nutrition, Marketing / Communications and Culinary Support.


Our Health & Wellness Programs are completely customizable. You only pay for what your company needs.

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Case Studies

Case Study #1 | Pearl River Resort

Pearl River Resort, operated by the MS Band of Choctaw Indians, is located in Choctaw, Mississippi and maintains 2000+ employees.
While Vice President of Operations I created and implemented (with an awesome uber-small team) a health and wellness program for our employees.) 


MS is consistently among the top three most obese states in the country at 35.5% (2015)
MS Band of Choctaw Indians have a diabetes rate 5.9x greater than the US average at 9.3%.    (Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2013).


In 12 short weeks, 800 employees lost nearly 6K pounds! Ultimate weight loss was over 8K lbs.

These associates then lost more than weight!  No more diabetes shots, high blood pressure
medicine, breathing machines…the stories kept coming in.  And they believed in themselves!
Pearl River Resort gained nationwide attention to include taping by NBC’s “Biggest Loser” for the “At Home Challenge” and were guests to NBC Biggest Loser for 2014 taping of The Finale in Hollywood!

“When I entered the Biggest Loser competition, I did it for my family and it helped my blood pressure. Now I don’t have to take pills anymore.”
Scott Bassett, Facilities
Winner Season #1 / Lost 26.89%/69 lbs.

I was taking two shots of insulin before Biggest Loser, now I don’t have to take any shots at all! I lost 100 lbs. now and haven’t gained it back. I went from a size 26 to a size 12/14!”
Lucy Bufkin, Slot Attendant

“I was a sleep apnea patient…where I would quit breathing for two minutes throughout the night. Now, my blood pressure is low and I have a different machine because I no longer need the heavier machine.”
Richard Adams, Culinary
Lost 17.82%/53 lbs.


Team “Bianca and Company”
173 lbs healthier! Winners of Biggest Loser #1 at Pearl River Resort.
A truly beautiful story.

“Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypothyroidism and obesity plagued members of the team and we decided it was time to take back control of our bodies and our health.”
Logging caloric intake and tracking calories burned was the norm. Bootcamps, 5Ks and eventually obstacle courses and half marathons. You could find them running on the highway…at every hour.
Each team member received rave reviews and reports from their respective doctors since the journey began.
‘This landed most of us in the best shape of our entire adult lives.’ ”

Inspirational. Winners by all accounts.

Case Study #2 | Emerus Hospital

Emerus hospitals operated 22 micro hospitals nationwide; Over 1,000 employees in their system. >50% obesity rate

Chief Operation Officer wanted pilot program for San Antonio region and Home Office (500 employees)

Goals were to establish a culture of health and wellness in hospitals with measurable results for employees with ultimate goal of reducing spend in healthcare.

Going All In LLC. designed and implemented pilot wellness program featuring:
Global Kick-off Events
Challenges, Training and Incentive Plan
Online Wellness Platform…and more!

62% participation rate
Participant Satisfaction rate of 98%
~1000 pounds lost
BMI & Body Fat % down by average of 2 points
Comments were “life changing!”


“We could not have done it without Dawn and her team. Our bottom line improved, our prescription drug costs ran below run-rate levels, ER visitation went down, and team engagement reached all new levels within those work groups that were most active.”
        -Larry Guillory, CAO and CHRO, Emerus Hospitals