Our Partnership

Going All In, LLC — A Goodnight & Associates Partner
Dr. Karen Goodnight, a proud Chickasaw Legislator, has more than 20 years of experience working within and alongside Tribal Governments, private businesses, colleges and nonprofit organizations. Prior to starting her own business, Dr. Goodnight served in numerous leadership positions within the Chickasaw Nation, including director of Head Start – the early childhood education program – and the Chief Training Officer for the Division of Commerce. Karen has a PhD in instructional leadership from the University of Oklahoma. She serves on numerous boards across Oklahoma. You can learn more about Karen and her company here.

Since 2018, Going All In has partnered with Dr. Karen Goodnight at Goodnight & Associates to provide strategy development; personalized leadership training; group and individual coaching; and organizational and team development to companies across the country. Together, we have provided numerous tribes, tribal councils, executive teams and billion dollar organizations with amazing, measurable results.

With decades of executive experience in leadership, human resources and operations in everything from Tribal Councils to multibillion dollar casinos, Going All In and Goodnight & Associates have become, like their founders Dawn and Karen, a compassionate and successful team.

Dr. Karen Goodnight is the founder and owner of Goodnight & Associates. Her company, based out of Norman, OK, offers executive, director, and mid-level management coaching, team development, executive retreats and strategic planning sessions to private businesses, nonprofits and tribal organizations.

Our incredible partnership began amid tragic circumstances. (You can read the full story of how we met inOur God Story- in Chickasaw and English.)


Matthew Wesaw, Tribal Chairman of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, hired Karen and Dawn to continue to unite his tribal council and further hone their leadership skills.

Dr. Goodnight and Dawn were able to unite our tribal council to a level that built trust, confidence, and energy to accomplish the difficult tasks in our paths,” Matthew said. “They were able to discern the personalities and characteristics of the council members and get them to recognize the value and commitment of each of the other members, molding them into a much more united council.”

He said the duo “has increased the performance level of our council and established a firm foundation of ‘esprit de corps’ that is moving us in a very positive direction. We will continue to work with her team to enhance our leadership abilities for the benefit of the people we serve. Thank you Dr. Goodnight and Dawn.

“During our first training all-day session with Karen and Dawn, we were able to lay out all our senior team’s issues in an open, honest and safe environment. It was only then that we could begin the process for resolving our team’s health,” said Wanda Carlson, a casino senior financial leader whose senior-most team hired Karen and Dawn to identify team strengths and opportunities in the midst of large-scale change.

“Within weeks we saw an improvement in our communication, trust and the way we conducted ourselves with each other. Dr. Goodnight and Dawn’s “no-nonsense” approach to call out any dysfunction and excuses was instrumental in our healing,” Wanda said. “Thank you will never be enough!”