Our Founder

Our Founder, Dawn Ammons – Chief Heart Officer
In 2015 I walked away from more than 20 years in the casino industry. Literally walked away. It was a hard proposition because that world was all I knew…and the compensation was crazy good. But I knew two things for certain: Money would not buy me happiness, and God had bigger plans for me.

Within months, I started Going All In, LLC – an HR, leadership development company devoted to helping companies develop their most valuable asset: their employees. At Going All In, we believe helping employees succeed — personally and professionally — is essential to creating the company of your dreams.

In the casino world, poker players go “all in” when they bet all their chips on a single hand. The players are so committed to winning, they want to invest everything they have. At Going All In, we know how much you have at stake. We’ll be your partners every step of the way, helping you fully commit to the development of your company’s team.

All you have to do? Decide to Go All In.

We are proven to help company’s improve their teams with:

Strategy & Organizational Development

Leadership Development & Training


Team & Individual Coaching

My background with the casino industry has given me best-in-class training and operational experience. I have learned from the biggest and best in the business at Harrah’s Entertainment, Caesar’s Entertainment, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Pinnacle Entertainment across the U.S. and overseas.

In my two decades in the casino industry, I’ve worked in a variety of different positions and departments, including Services and Hotel Director; Assistant Director of Slot Operations; VP of Human Resources; VP of Operations (Assistant General Manager); Corporate VP of Marketing Services – Service, Websites, Call Centers and Brand Marketing; and Corporate VP of Training for nearly 78,000 employees. In each of those roles, I studied, led, and learned strategies from the “best of the best” to build successful teams full of happier, engaged and trained employees.

At Harrah’s Entertainment, I was honored to receive the highest company-wide leadership award “The Chairman’s Award for Excellence in Managing People” by the Chairman and CEO, Phil Satre.

It was at the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, MS (just outside Philadelphia) that I learned the most about myself. On top of my “day job” as VP of Resort Operations managing more than 1,200 employees, I developed and implemented a health and wellness program for the entire resort. My mission was to help my employees become their best selves and find the hope I have found over my lifetime. Having once weighed over 200 pounds myself, I understand first-hand how much health and wellness can improve every aspect of my employees lives.

Not only did our employees lose more than 8,000 pounds, but some of them found they no longer needed their medications, insulin shots, and sleep apnea machines!

The icing on the cake? NBC took notice and showed up in Choctaw to tape Pearl River Resort for The Biggest Loser “At Home Challenge.” Our resort had the nation’s attention! Our own top two Native American “biggest losers” were flown out to Los Ángeles for The Biggest Loser finale.

At the end of the challenge, employees and their families were full of hope and happiness.

I had found my “Why” in Choctaw, Mississippi.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and they day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain

My Personal Story

As an overcomer in this crazy world, I live with immense gratitude — even on the tough days.

I lost my crazy smart, Ivy League, handsome, hilarious father to alcoholism way too early. At times, my mother worked three jobs. Some months, she had only $500 to raise me and my younger brother Max. My brother and I worked to pitch in, too. I wouldn’t, however, change anything during those times. We didn’t always have everything, but we had a lot of love. Through those years, I fought obesity and being bullied, and it was horrible. Until one day, I had had enough. I took control of my eating and slowly started working out.

Eventually I joined the swim team (though I was nosso good at all!) and cross country. I knew I was enough!

I learned to be a fighter and have tenacity long before I even knew what those words meant. Today, I know that no one determines my destiny but me (and my God) — and that wasn’t always the case. I have developed an incredible relationship with Christ and a deep and lasting faith. My faith is first, and my family is my love!

I am thankful for God’s mercy and grace, and that I can now call on my years of adversity and leadership experiences alike to help others.

With love and gratitude,

Dawn Ammons


Professional Highlights

• Business Strategist. Speaker, Motivator, Coach! 

• Sr. Leader with Harrah’s Entertainment (Fortune 300)The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Pinnacle Entertainment and Pearl River Resort

• Corporate Vice President of Training, Vice President of Operations (Assistant General Manager), Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Marketing Services, Asst. Slot Director, Hotel Director just to name a few! 

• Recipient “Excellence in Managing People”– Highest Leadership Award from Phil Satre, President and Chairman of the Board (Harrah’s Entertainment) 

• Recognized numerous times for highest improvement in turnover, employee engagement and service scores in department, division and property throughout tenure 

• Designed and oversaw a Corporate Wellness Program that was taped by NBC’s “Biggest Loser” for “At Home Challenge

• 2017 Finalist FitBit “Healthiest Employer Award” 

• Published and quoted by FitBit in “2017 Healthiest Employers: 5 Lessons and Trends” 

• NASM/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer (Accomplished this when I was 49 years old!) 

• BSJ- Journalism/PR, University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!) 

• Kansas Honor Scholar 

• Believer!  Love my family and rescue dog Miles, good workouts, strong coffee, great reads, laughter and making this world a better place!